Firstly, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for visiting my little dream of Tulips and Tuxedos.

My name is Tracy Absolom, I am a mum of 4 amazing boys Zac 21, Alex 20, Charlie 16 and Jesse 13 (at the time of writing), all still at home which I love and I have been married to the most incredible man and my best friend for 24 years.

My journey has been a little different in the sense I started a family before having a career as such. I have been a stay at home mum for 18 years raising my little tuxedos into kind, loving, gorgeous big tuxedos. I am pleased to say so far so good, they are becoming gorgeous young men.


Not for a second would I change anything in my life so far and my boys will always be my greatest achievement.

However, over the last couple of years, I started to explore various job opportunities  and throughout these roles I kept feeling this is not me. I became so focused on all the things that I thought was wrong with me and worrying about not being qualified enough. I had lost my spark, my light, I was pleasing other people, I wasn’t listening to what my heart was saying, I wasn’t celebrating me! Don’t get me wrong I was happy and extremely grateful for the life I had. I just knew deep down I could do so much more and do the things that made me sparkle igniting my curiosities and passions. I realised that I needed to start celebrating me inside and out. 


I have always believed that we are all put on this earth to share our unique gifts, to celebrate who we are and to believe in ourselves.  I have told my boys this every day since they were very little and continue to do so.

It was clearly my turn to listen to my own advice and last year I really stepped it up. Boy, did I have to do a lot of reflecting. soul searching and listening to my heart instead of my head.  I began writing down all things I love to do, what I was good at, I also wrote down all the things I’ve already accomplished, finally I was starting to celebrate myself.


So having made all these exciting new self-discoveries, which to be honest I knew what they were I just had been pushing them away until I couldn’t anymore. So, I did what everyone does I enlisted the help of google and came across Beautiful Coaching Academy, through one of their amazing award winning coaches Naomi Arnold.

I enrolled with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in 2016 without even experiencing life coaching which I have to say was the biggest, scariest, exciting and quickest decision I’ve ever made. I am not known for making quick decisions ( all my boys nodded when they read this) especially when I have no idea of the outcome, it’s just not my style. But, something about it just felt right, I had the confidence in myself to listen to that feeling.  Before I started my course I started a coaching series with Naomi Arnold, which was amazing and I started to feel that I was heading in the right direction. Having completed my life coaching training with Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I can say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’ve found my thing!



I’ll be honest though, it hasn’t all been tulips, champagne and celebrating, it’s been so challenging. It has made me leap out of my comfort zone, dig deep within my soul, be patient, be brave, face my fears and learn to trust myself.  It is a ride like no other, but at the same time so incredibly exciting, inspiring and empowering which made me realise it’s exactly what I need to be doing.


And here I am, with a website (talk about out of my comfort zone) I have embraced my love for health and wellness adding yoga and meditation in my regular wellness routine, completed my Certificate in Nutrition and Diet to go with my personal training certification. I am currently working one day a week at my favourite store, which not only works with my family life, but also helps me with building my business. I am exploring my creativity through photography, cooking and writing.  Oh and I have graduated from Integrative Nutrition school. Since I have enjoyed learning so much I have starting to do my yoga teaching training too.  


I am a quiet but very passionate person when it comes to things I believe in.  As my boys would say “look out mum is on her soapbox again!”


  • Living well not only helps us to pursue our path to health and happiness, it helps us to connect more with our loved ones, allowing us to love and help others.
  • In nurturing our bodies inside and out.
  • In listening and following our hearts.  Life can be so much about living in our heads that we forget to tune into our hearts.
  • When we connect with our hearts we are able to embrace and celebrate who we are and the many unique gifts we each have; some are yet to be discovered.
  • I believe chocolate is mandatory in every first aid kit.
  • Exploring our creativity allows us to express our authentic self, it expands our thinking giving us the self-confidence to explore the endless possibilities that are available to us.
  • In making every moment count.
  • Believing is power
  • In hugs and kisses.
  • In Love
  • In celebrating.
  • In Celebrating YOU!

Why Tulips and Tuxedos you ask

Well, I love tulips and red tulips are the symbol of love and passion.  As for Tuxedos, well this represents my boys (including hubby of course) and who doesn’t love a man in a tux, right?


With love

Tracy xx


Tracy Absolom is a mother of 4 amazing boys, as well as a blogger, personal trainer, photographer, volunteer and Certified Beautiful You Life Coach. She has a certificate in Nutrition and Diet and is currently studying with Integrative Nutrition School. Tracy is passionate about helping and inspiring people to celebrate who they are inside and out,
creating a healthy and happy life they absolutely love. Connect with Tracy here or Instagram