Why Tulips and Tuxedos?

Celebrating You Inside & Out!

Celebrating You Inside & Out!

Why did I call my business Tulips and Tuxedos? I touched on the name in my about me page, but I thought I would explain it a little further.  I knew I wanted something a little different, something that to me represented love and celebration and that people would remember. I also didn’t want to use my name, I like being a little different and besides my last name people find it hard to pronounce and spell.

I wrote down so many ideas and became obsessed with researching tips on how to create a great name.  It was crazy and overwhelming, who knew there are so many rules about creating names for instagram and businesses. So, I simplified the process, I wrote down everything I love, combining those things and forgetting what the world said I should be doing.

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
— Orson Welles

I love all flowers especially tulips, not only because they are so elegantly beautiful and unique but because they symbolise love. I had noticed on my many pieces of scribbled notes I had written my boys and husband down.  I thought, perhaps I could include them somehow, after all they are the ones that continue to inspire, support, encourage and unconditionally love me.

After writing down everything I could think of that could represent my boys, goes with tulips and celebrating. I saw the scribbled word tuxedos on one of my many pages of notes; remember I wrote all the things I love and who doesn’t love a man in a tux. I am surrounded by tuxedos. And there you have it. Tulips and Tuxedos was created. The perfect combination to represent love and celebration.

What is interesting, while I have been going through this journey and having created my name before starting my life and health coaching business.  I had been going back and forwards trying to work on what my message would be, celebrating had always come up but I would push it away feeling like I needed to create something else. Something that should sound all divine and whimsical.

 It wasn’t until I went back to why I created my name that it all clicked, it has all been about celebrating. My journey has been learning to celebrate me, my uniqueness, creativity, my love for all things health and wellness. My passion to inspire others like yourself to add celebration into your life. Tulips and Tuxedos is all about celebrating, Celebrating You Inside & Out.

I never fully realised just how much the outside world can affect our creativity and the desire to celebrate our authenticity until I created my business name.  In this present moment I love it and that’s all that matters.

Remember our creativity is the ultimate expression of our uniqueness, embrace it and celebrate it.

Celebrate You Inside & Out

With love

Tracy xx