Celebrating YOU!!!

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you celebrated YOU? I’m not talking about your birthday or anniversary either. I am talking about celebrating you right now in this very moment. I bet it’s been a while since you last acknowledged yourself, given yourself a pat on the back, looked in the mirror and smiled. 

My whole teaching is this, accept yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself.
— Osho

I deeply believe when you start celebrating who you are your uniqueness, your gifts, your creativity, your amazing body (yes, it is amazing) everything that makes you, you. Everything in your life, your mind, body and spirit all start to work in harmony, flowing with more ease and with less resistance.  Celebrating who I am and the all things that make me, ME, has brought me here, writing this blog post and traveling on this exciting new journey.

                       Celebrating You Inside and Out is the Ultimate form of self-love.

                       Celebrating You Inside and Out is the Ultimate form of self-love.

It’s not easy as we are so conditioned to be constantly doing without ever acknowledging our achievements, because the expectation is to get on with the next thing.  We are striving for external results rather than the results that come from within. Celebration is the ultimate form of self-love and acceptance. Celebrating who we are connects us to our true self, giving us choice, gratitude and courage and an opportunity to grow and become the very best version of ourselves.

The more you priase and celebrate your life the more there is in life to celebrate.
— Oprah Winfrey

I know giving yourself any kind of acknowledgement let alone celebrating yourself can be seen as if you are a stuck up pretentious know it all. As long as you are not bragging at the expense of others then how you celebrate you is as unique as you.  If you want to tell the world, neon lights etc go for it, if you want to keep it a little low key that is totally fine too.  What matters is that you take the time to pause and acknowledge what you already have done and loving yourself enough to celebrate you.  What I do ask is that you don’t ever apologize or downplay your achievements big or small. There was a time when I would down play my achievements, feeling like they were not big enough to celebrate and that I needed to be achieving way more before it was ok to celebrate.

Every win big or small is worthy of celebrating, collectively they are what makes up those giant wins. 

Yep, I do love to celebrate, and I believe with all my heart you are worth celebrating.  I celebrate you for all that you are right now and all what you will be in the future and hope that with each little celebration your own chandelier of lights become brighter and bigger for the world to see.

I will be posting very soon a list of ways you can start to celebrate the awesomeness that is you inside and out. 

Let's start Celebrating You.

With love

Tracy xx