Family word

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This year I decided that my family will have a word for the year.  It’s the same principle, as choosing your own word, except you are working in a team. Over the past week my boys at dinner time have discussed what our family word might be.  Keeping the conversation open, it’s been such a great family activity and has not only made the boys think about how they want to feel in the family home but also myself and my hubby.  Some of the words so far have been great and eye opening, it’s been such an interesting and great lesson to hear our son’s thoughts and views.  Especially as they are getting older and the dynamics of the house changes every year.

To come up with a word for the family, is slightly more difficult only because you have more than just one person voting. 

Here is a few tips on coming up with a family word

1.       Start a conversation at the dinner table. Yep, turn off the TV, switch off phones, ipods etc. Get connected with your family.  Have everyone take turns on how they felt the year was for the family. Encourage honesty and for everyone to speak from their heart. This is a great way for your children to reflect on the year, the good, bad and ugly, and how they would like to feel as a family in the new year.  Especially for boys this is a great way for them to get in touch with their feelings, express them without judgement and in the loving and safe environment of their home.

2.       There is no such thing as a wrong word,  no matter the ages of your children, it’s important that this is spoken about that all ideas are valued. Talk about that there will be times during the year that we may not all feel or tune into the word and that is ok. This is where you can stress the importance of being there for each other.

3.       Allow for time, because there is more than one deciding on the word, it’s important to give everyone time to think.  For example, we have had about 1 week for us all to have a think and have more beautiful dinner conversations about our family word. 

4.       Set a date to make the final decision, it can be New Year’s Day, or within the first week of the new year. Make sure everyone in the family knows when the word announcement will be.

5.       Make it fun and celebrate coming up with a family word, it’s a pretty cool thing to do as a family. 

6.       Have your family word around your home where everyone can see it. Write on the family calendar, whiteboard, family computer, on the fridge.  Get the children involved too, they can write it out in cool fonts, colour it in.  Find quotes that reflect your family word. You get the idea.  

By the way, you don’t have to have children to do this either, you can do this with your partner, flatmates, or whoever you are living with.  It brings awareness for everyone within the home and helps to develop a connection that might not otherwise be present.

We are yet to decide on our family word, once we do I will share it with you.

With only a few days left of 2017, I hope you have the opportunity to reflect, relax and of course celebrate the year that has been. You are worth celebrating.

Enjoy this wonderful family bonding opportunity. Let me know what word your family word is for 2018. 

With Love 

Tracy xx