My first sacred circle

sacred circle 2.jpg

Just imagine stepping out of your existing world and journeying to a place where you connect with your true and deepest self; a place where you feel the magical power of beautiful women, past, present and future. Awakening your inner goddess.

I don’t believe in magic The young boy said. The old man smiled you will, when you see her.
— Atticus

When I heard the beauties from the goddessroadtrip were coming to my home town.  Without hesitation I brought my ticket, not truly knowing what to expect as I had never been to a sacred circle before.

As they say timing is everything and the universe was listening because this sacred circle was exactly what I needed. The evening was about honouring Quan Yin the goddess of self-compassion and kindness. Having already come so far in my journey, helping and inspiring others to celebrate themselves inside and out. I was ready to take the next step, it’s time to take on the world😉.

Lately, I had been hard on myself about where I am in my business, I wasn’t celebrating how far I had come and what I’ve already achieved. This was because I wasn’t celebrating and honouring the woman I am aside from being the best mum ever. 

The circle was led by the incredible Sora.  Meeting Sora, I immediately felt welcomed, loved and honoured for who I am.  Her magic of making you feel safe to explore deep within your soul with love, guidance, kindness, no judgement is a gift.

Helping Sora throughout the evening was the beautiful Joanna Parker from Heart sparks, who happened to be one of my trainers while studying with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Having someone who I knew and have a connection with made me feel at ease throughout the evening.

Along with Sora and Jo was Sammie Fleming another beautiful soul, who I was so happy to finally meet. Not surprisingly Sammie made me feel like I was part of the sisterhood and welcomed me with open arms. To make the evening even more magical and soulful, we had the beautiful music by Tahlee from Sonesence, in the background guiding you to your inner goddess. Last but definitely not least we also had the amazing Julie Parker and wonderful Jade McKenzie from the event head welcoming us. I knew I was in the best hands possible.

You could say there was beauty everywhere, from the candles we lit, to the crystals we held, the cards we pulled, the flowers, the questions we answered, the awakenings we felt and to the sister’s present.

My intentions for the night was to be open and brave.  For me, being in a room full of women was scary.  Having not experienced a lot of positive female energy growing up and being in a house full of boys, you could say I was out of my comfort zone. I had wounds to heal; I had a fear of connecting with women.  I had lost trust, so for me, to open my heart, speak my truth and trust that the compassion and kindness from all the women present was genuine and came from a place of love, I had to dig deep.

Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who come after her.
— Christine Northrup

Throughout the ceremony emotions would bubble to the surface, a few tears were shed. These weren’t tears of sadness, they were tears of finally surrendering, opening my heart, releasing my old thoughts and beliefs, and letting my fellow sisters into my world. I could see and feel within me the beautiful essence of who I am, I was celebrating ALL of me.

Looking, into the eyes of my fellow sisters, feeling their touch and listening to their words. I finally felt what it was like to be celebrated, honoured, and loved by and a part of the sisterhood.   

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I believe we each have amazing gifts, these make up our very own chandelier, unique, full of delicate radiant lights and crystals that will light up a room with its brilliance and magical beauty.  Our chandeliers are quite often not illuminating their true elegance with only a few of its lights ever shining at once.  It’s when we celebrate ourselves inside and out, loving and honouring ourselves for who we are, is it then that our chandelier shows its true beauty.

The sacred circle allowed me to see my chandelier and the beautiful potential it has. To see and feel its magic, its power, it’s celebration of life; celebrating my life, will forever be in my mind.  So, as I continue my journey, I now have a deeper understanding and knowing that everything I will ever need is already within me waiting to be switched on.

The sacred circle has empowered me to further honour, love, embrace and celebrate the divine woman I am. It’s been a beautiful reminder to give myself the kindness and compassion I so readily give to others.  I needed this awakening, to connect with the divine feminine, to step deeper into my truth. I had underestimated the power of my own love.

Just imagine the power of receiving your own kindness and compassion that you so readily give to others.

Receiving your own love, without having to give back, no judgement, without guilt, feeling worthy, feeling like the divine woman and goddess that exists within you. The possibilities are truly endless, your world becomes a field of dreams, your dreams waiting to be harvested.

The magic of creating space for women to connect in a way that speaks to your soul, to be vulnerable, feel safe, feel loved is more powerful than I could have imagined.

Be the shining light you so wish and encourage others to do.  Embrace and celebrate the beauty that is you.  To open your heart and receive the love you so deserve is your birth right. To do this along with your fellow sisters is pure magic.

This is the sacred circle.

With love

Tracy xx

From the bottom of my heart thank you to all the beautiful woman, my fellow sisters from
 the goddessroadtrip, for creating an evening that I will never forget.