Celebration Coach

I am excited to announce I am now calling myself a Celebration Coach. Aww, I love the sound of this. Ever since I started this journey into life and health coaching I have always wanted to call myself a Celebration Coach. I had even written it down in my Beautiful You Academy workbook when I was studying.

But, I kept ignoring it, I had blocks around taking the leap.  You know the ones, who am I to call myself that, I need to do more before I can, I am not worthy of such an awesome title, is that even a thing, what will people think.

These crazy stories were preventing me from truly stepping into my power, owning it and I certainly wasn’t celebrating me. It took a beautiful conversation with a fellow BYCA coach (thank you so much Niki Hennessy) for me to finally acknowledge that everything I had been saying to myself were indeed crazy. That I didn’t need to do more, achieve perfection before I could leap into this role. 

This idea of being a Celebration Coach chose me for a reason and the least I can do is honour, live it and celebrate it.

I believe this is particularly true when it comes to us stepping out of our comfort zone, it requires a whole new level of ourselves, we must dig deeper, find a new courage and confidence. It’s all new and let’s face it bloody scary, but that’s exactly why we need to do it.

Sometimes the very thing we are searching for is literally right in front of us and I mean like under our very noses. I made it so difficult for myself by over complicating it, procrastinating, waiting for perfection (obviously there is no such thing) to come my way, when clearly all I needed was to embrace it with open arms, celebrate it and just jump on in.

This reminds me of this great quote from Elizabeth Gilbert.

One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and to stand back to see if we can ever find them.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

I think the universe was getting serious anxiety from me not paying attention to all the signs she so patiently gave me.  This time she just couldn’t stand back anymore.

Here’s the crazy thing I have always been a Celebration Coach, it’s not new, its’ what I do and have done all my life. I believe we don’t celebrate ourselves enough and I believe with all my heart that when we do magic truly happens. I know this because I am doing it right now. And I’ve seen what it does for the beautiful people I work with.

I know the times when I’ve celebrated myself how it feels and what it looks like, it looks like someone who is confident, courageous, authentic, strong and beautiful. It’s a celebration of someone owning who they are inside and out.

I believe celebrating who you are inside and out is the ultimate form of self-love.

Celebrating ourselves gives meaning, you are significant and are worthy. It’s oh so powerful and connects us to the true essence of who you are. Celebrating yourself fuels your creativity, allowing you to slow down and enjoy the journey, every step big or small. Instead of constantly doing, you are celebrating being YOU.

Celebrating who we are brings self confidence and trust in ourselves encouraging us to step into our power, to listen to that whisper before it becomes a yell, as in my case.

Celebrating the bodies that we have been given and giving it the love, nourishment and gratitude, it so desperately needs, we start to feel and see our body respond the way we want it to.

Celebrating food rather than constantly seeing it as the enemy, after all food is the main component of most celebrations around the world. So, let’s celebrate what keeps our body fuelled so we can reach for the stars.

Lastly, life is a celebration, so let’s start celebrating it.

If I can tell you anything about this lesson that I am so grateful to have learnt is, that no matter what your idea, your dream is, please don’t ignore it or question it. Be excited, inspired, listen to it, celebrate it, embrace it,  it came to you for a reason, it chose you and everything you need to make it happen is already within you. 

Celebrate all the jewels you already have found and those that are starting to sparkle and be excited for the ones yet to be discovered.

If you need any help to bring Celebration back into your life and begin to celebrate who you are inside and out.  I just so happen to know someone who will be able to help you, and she is called a Celebration Coach.


With Love

Tracy xx