Words for 2019

Celebrating more Ease and Flow

A Yoga Vinyasa sequence is all about the harmonious movement using the breath to allow the flow between each Asana pose move seamlessly, effortlessly, with grace and beauty. 

My desire this year is to create more ease and flow in all aspects of my life, not just on the yoga mat. I had so many grand plans for the start of 2019, as we all do. But, instead I started to tune into and listen to what I truly needed, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The grand plans slowly drifted away, making way for the beauty of being, inviting and celebrating ease and flow into my everyday life.

Admittedly, it hasn’t been all that easy, I did throw in a 6-day yoga workshop. And I had to have a serious conversation with my ego, remove the guilt, honour my energetic cycles and embrace the ebbs and flows.  I had to keep coming back asking myself what is and isn’t important, what ignites my soul, how is it I want to feel, what do I want my days, weeks and life to truly feel and look like,

By consciously taking that step back I created more space to not only enjoy the everyday moments but to welcome more abundance, more creativity, more celebrations and yes more ease and flow. I began to receive the answers to those tough questions, filtering out what no longer serves me. What it is I truly desire and wish to celebrate. Defining how I want to show up in the world, what is the next chapter in my journey. Designing my life with more ease and flow celebrating every step of the way.

A little side note. Over the Christmas break we welcomed a new family member, our little fur baby Hazel.  She is just adorable and yes has us all wrapped around her gorgeous fluffy paws.  Not only is she a little goddess, she has brought us so much magic and beautiful lessons already.  Hazel constantly reminds me about ease and flow, being in the present moment, slowing down, playfulness and unconditional love. Let’s face it she has been the perfect distraction.

Oh, I am not suggesting you get a puppy, though I do highly recommend the love of an animal.

My top 5 tips on creating more ease and flow into your life.

  • I love a morning ritual, you can read my blog about morning rituals here.  I know you are probably thinking how on earth can I do that when I have to drop the kids off to school, and get to work on time.  Trust me I get it.  Here’s the thing you don’t need hours in fact 10 minutes is enough to create a ritual that grounds you, nurtures you and uplifts you ready for a day of ease and flow.  My morning rituals changes everyday based on how I am feeling, in my mind, body and soul when I get up.  Lately, it’s when I wake up or I should say when Hazel wakes me up.  I touch the ground before getting out of bed, thanking mother earth for all her magic.  I then do my morning skincare routine, followed by some loving from Hazel before giving her breakfast and it’s time to wake up her boys.

  • Create space just for you. This can include your morning rituals. What I like to do is have this time written in my dairy and on the family calendar.  This is a great way to show those around you that you need your time too. And to ensure that you do take this time where you can explore your creativity, nourish your body, anything that makes your heart sing and your soul feel deliciously full. This could be as simple as finding your favourite spot at home, make yourself a pot of Chai or herbal tea and read that book you have been meaning to get to. Maybe starting a journal, writing down your dreams, this time and space is to celebrate you.

  • Celebrate playfulness- Thanks to our beautiful Hazel, she has reminded me of the beauty and joy of being playful.  Tuning into your inner child again, laughing from your belly, being silly, smile for no reason.  I have danced with Hazel, I have snuggled with Hazel, my boys and I are always playing with her (biggest distraction) she makes us laugh. Hearing my boys talk puppy talk always makes me laugh and fills my heart with so much joy.  You can get playful simply by turning on some music and dance your heart out. The puppy is optional.

  •  Be aware of your energetic cycles. We all have our own unique energetic signature, aside from our monthly cycles, we have seasonal cycles, physical, emotionally and spiritual cycles and daily energetic highs and lows. Take some time to find what fuels you and what depletes your energy.  By doing so you can design your days, weeks and life around your unique energetic signature.  Inviting more ease and flow in your life.

Living a life that aligns and celebrates who you are inside and out is one that feels at ease and flows. Life is about experiencing and feeling joy in the everyday moments, ease and flow invites all of this and more.


Celebrate who you are inside and out

With love

Tracy xx